PME - Personalmanagement und -entwicklung

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Our portfolio at a glance

For more than 25 years we've been dealing with the value drivers in HR Management.

Our features of performance refer to those areas, where we can reach the highest added value in the value chain of HR Management.

In our eyes this starts with the valid selection of personnel making sure to have the perfect fit between the personal abilities one the hand and the competence requirements on the other hand. This is why HR-Diagnostics is key to us. 

Once the "right" employees are found for the right place, we focus on how to retain and develop them.  "One size fits all" will simply not work! Instead, a specific and requirement-oriented form of support is needed in order to establish appropriate means of training and coaching. It is our passion to create specific training and development programmes which meet all the the relevant work challenges of the participants. We are convinced that only this way we will be able to gain a sustainable effect in the area of practice.

It is due to HR to organize all this. So we help HR managers to meet their objectives by giving them the best possible support, be it on the conceptual or on the operations side. We certainly do not know it all but we are able to share a lot of best practices from all kind of projects. This experience helps us to act out of a helicopter view which is widely appreciated by our clients.   

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